Therapeutic community in Vrbica

Location of Vrbica is located near Đakovo, 30 km from Osijek. The apartment block of the therapeutic community consists of an area of 800 m ² and has a capacity to house 34 male addicts. Together with its surroundings, the centar has the appearance of a typical Slavonian farm.

The therapeutic community is a psychosocial rehabilitation program for addicts, which is divided into four phases. The length of rehabilitation is specific to the individual, after which the user moves into a residential community in the re-socialization program.

Therapeutic community “Ne – ovisnost” (rehabilitation of addicts)
Kešinačka 80, Vrbica,
32284 Stari Mikanovci
Tel/Fax: +385 31 869 220

Treatment withdrawal and rehabilitation

The goal of the rehabilitation program is to introduce participants to the need for changes in their attitudes, behaviours, habits, and lifestyles through the coexistence and interaction with other users.

  • Self-help groups
  • Individual interviews
  • occupational therapy
  • Educational courses
  • Education of employment strategies
  • Sports Activities
  • Cultural and social activities
  • Introducing yourself – the adoption of social skills
  • adoption of technical skills
  • adoption of affirmative life values and views
  • Encouraging togetherness

Working day in the Therapeutic Community

  • Awakening
  • Breakfast and coffee
  • Morning meeting – daily reading plan
  • Job, occupational therapy, self-help groups
  • Lunch, coffee break
  • The afternoon meeting, business, self-help groups
  • End of working time, free time (games, sports, TV, music, reading)
  • Dinner
  • Performance of duties
  • Leisure
  • Sleeping
  • Saturdays before noon users are working, but afternoon is free.

Sunday is free, and weekends are possible times for phone calls to family members and visitors.


Self-help groups and individual work

Twice a week there are self-help groups, individual interviews on a daily basis as needed, and every Monday a joint meeting held in connection with the division of responsibilities and the technical functioning of the community.


Educational courses are organized and implemented in accordance with the therapeutic program and plan.


The community provides great attention to quality leisure time. Users can choose from a library, computers, games, and a wide selection of music and movies. During the winter months, there is a sport hall at the local school. Within the community there is a gym, table tennis, and billiards.

Phases of the program in a therapeutic community

D – Reception

Harbouring drug addicts from the streets, moving away from addictive substances, cessation of self-destructive behaviour and adjustment to living together in community.

C – Process of introspection

Change addictive habits, behaviour and attitudes; stabilize the psychosocial functioning of these changes on the personal and existential level.

B – Gradual re-socialization

Professional education, solving family problems, occasional exits from the centar.

A – Resocialization

Staying in a residential community, evaluation of personal progress and changes, work activities, self-made and leisure.


Expert team

Users are provided a professional team composed of a psychologist, social worker, and rehabilitated addicts – trained to work in a therapeutic community.



  • prohibited drugs, alcohol and sex
  • physical and verbal aggression will not be tolerated
  • Meals, groups and meetings are mandatory for all
  • Each user is allowed to smoke up to 20 cigarettes a day
  • users have the right to telephone conversations with family members in accordance with the rules of the community
  • visits are once a month
  • users have the right to free weekends in accordance with the rules of the community
  • Failure to comply with the rules and norms of the community can lead to removal of the program