RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY “Ne – ovisnost” (inclusion of rehabilitated addicts into society)

When addicts are at the end of the rehabilitation and leaving the safe and secure environment of our therapeutic community they can be very vulnerable. Back in the social environment often causes a kind of “re-socialization shock” that can contribute to relapse.

Accordingly, we recognize the need to ensure our customers the support and mentoring during this sensitive stage of their personal rehabilitation. For the purpose of implementing this project in 2010, we have expanded our community facilities to be able to accommodate and house 12 recovering users in order to aid in their transitional period.

The main objective of the project “Living Communities” is to be able to detect possible weaknesses recovering users may face in the resocialization process as they attempt at a normal life. In doing so, we are able to find a common solution to those problems, under the supervision of a mentor and treatment team, by aiding in the reintegration into everyday life.

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Treatment in a residential community

  1. return to the social environment
  2. evaluation of personal progress and change
  3. monitoring and evaluation
  4. organization of life
  5. develop own understanding of obligations and responsibilities
  6. work duties
  7. securing means for living
  8. organization and quality leisure time
  9. self-help groups with other former addicts – solving current problems.

Within the residential community users are provided with psycho-social support through groups and individual work, legal assistance, help in obtaining legal rights and employment, through the Cooperative NEOS.

Length of stay in a residential community takes up to a year, depending on individual progress.

The basic rules of the residential community

  1. beneficiaries of residential community must not consume drugs or alcohol
  2. verbal and physical aggression is strictly prohibited
  3. self-help group is mandatory for all users of residential community
  4. they have to come accurately and regularly on the job
  5. staying outside the residential community in his free time is up to 23.00 PM on weekdays and weekends by agreement.


High-quality re-socialization is one of the most important elements of successful rehabilitation.