1. prevention of addiction
  2. information and counseling
  3. motivating addicts, preparation and referral to treatment, and rehabilitation treatment
  4. drug testing
  5. help and assistance in obtaining medical reports
  6. testing for blood-transmitted diseases
  7. design, prepare, and implement projects
  8. provide legal assistance to addicts who are in conflict with the law
  9. work with addicts in the penal system
  10. home visits
  11. 24-hour hotline to help addicts and families of addicts
  12. logistical support in therapeutic and residential community


Self-help groups

  • self-help groups for addicts in abstinence – support in the phase of re-socialization
  • self-help groups for family members of addicts – Support for the families of drug addicts who are in treatment, withdrawal, or are still actively using
  • self-help groups for gambling and betting addicts based on the program  of “12 steps – 12 traditions of AA”


Staff and volunteers of the Association in counselling deal with fundraising and intellectual contributions. Opening hours of counselling are from 07:00 am to 15:00 pm.

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