An association combating addiction, Ne-ovisnost („No-dependence or Non Addiction“) has been founded in 2003 through the initiative of rehabilitated addicts. Association Ne-ovisnost deals with all forms of the fight against addiction. Through its activities the Association treats drug addiction and substance abuse, alcohol and gambling / betting addiction. Since the beginning, Association Ne-ovisnost made the journey from a group of enthusiasts with an idea to a significant and recognized social entity.

Our team consists of a social worker, psychologist, and rehabilitated and educated addicts. The work is supported by numerous volunteers from various occupations and professions. The organization successfully cooperates with government institutions, counties, principalities, various economic entities, and other non-governmental organizations.

Through regular activities and individual projects Association Ne-ovisnost covers all of the following areas in the fight against drug addiction:

-preventing addiction, referring to treatment, counselling
-rehabilitating addicts
-resocialisation of rehabilitated addicts
-reduction of damages incurred as a result of addiction (harm-reduction)
-employing rehabilitated addicts

The goals of the Association are:

  1. Reducing the phenomenon of addiction in our area
  2. Improving the health and social image of the Republic of Croatia
  3. Active action in all forms of combating addiction: prevention, rehabilitation, resocialization and harm reduction
  4. Reduction of newly registered addicts
  5. Preparation and motivation of addicts for treatment in Therapeutic communities
  6. Conduct psychosocial treatment of addicts through the Therapeutic and Residential Community
  7. Conducting gradual resocialization through the Residential community
  8. Assistance in the resocialization and employment of rehabilitated addicts after their return from the Therapeutic Communities
  9. Reducing the incidence of relapse in rehabilitated addicts
  10. Parallel work with family of addicts
  11. Educating the public, especially young people, about the problem of addiction
  12. Designing and implementing projects
  13. Promoting true values and moral principles
  14. Promoting a healthy lifestyle
  15. Improving care for marginalized groups
  16. Suppression and protection against addict’s stigmatization
  17. Improving the social and material status of persons at risk of poverty and social exclusion
  18. Networking and cooperation with institutions and associations of the same field of activity


As a socially and professionally recognized factor, association will influence on the decrease of addiction phenomena through prevention, rehabilitation, resocialization, harm reduction program and employment.

Tomislav Mišetić

President of the Association combating addiction, Ne – ovisnost and head of the therapeutic community.