Current Projects of the Ne-ovisnost organization

The project Kad (u)pijem znanje, odbijam alkoholiziranje (When I Drink Knowledge, I reject alcoholism) is an innovative and contemporary project aimed at reducing the number of  young people drinking alcohol by rewarding positive behaviour associated with reduced alcohol consumption and reinforcing attitudes towards alcohol uncontamination. Partners and associates in the project are the Faculty of Philosophy Osijek and the Osijek Economic and Administrative School as project partners and II. Osijek gymnasium as a project associate. The project is funded by the Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy and runs from 01.09.2017. Until 31.08.2018.


Through the project Postani svoj! (Become yourself) project beneficiaries will develop and acquire new work-social skills (such as developing responsibility for work and performing duties, acquiring work habits, organizing time and expanding social contacts outside the circle of addictions) that will help them reintegrate into society facilitate their return to the labour market after their stay in treatment, help them to spend their leisure time better, spread and develop social networks, while activities aimed at informing the wider and professional public by helping the destigmation of rehabilitated addicts in society and improving their position on the labour market in long term. The project leader is the Association Ne-ovisnost.  The project partners are Algebra Open University and Providnost Association – From Darkness to Light, associates and external collaborators in the project are PRONI – Centre for Social Teaching, Centre for Entrepreneurship, Association ” IZRAZ “, Association” Pobjeda “. Project is funded by the Ministry of Health and will last for one year from September 2017.


The Safe City Project – Antivirus is a three-year program (2016-2019) is harm reduction program through which we are impacting the health of vulnerable groups in order to reduce the incidence of infectious diseases, raise the quality of life and reduce stigmatization. The program is run by Ne-ovisnost Association, and the partner in the program is Public Health Institute of Osječko – Baranjska County Osijek, the Centre for Voluntary Counselling and HIV / AIDS Testing. The project is funded by the Ministry of Health, and the second year of project implementation lasts until November 2018.


With the Drug Stop 2018 project, we strive to suppress and prevent further risk behaviour, drug use and addiction, and motivate addicts for treatments, provide psychosocial assistance to project beneficiaries and members of their families and friends. The project is funded by the City of Osijek and runs from 01.06.2018. Until 31.12.2018.