To help our customers in solving their existential life issues and providing an answer to the high unemployment of rehabilitated addicts who often face many prejudices among other thing, the association “Ne-Ovisnost” 2009 launches social entrepreneurship and social cooperation for production and services “NEOS”. This cooperation has continued to implement projects for the fight against addiction. These projects have a continued positive impact on the rehabilitation of addicts, especially with regards to employment and reintegration.

Cooperative action with “NEOS” is among other things, a contribution to the destruction of stereotypes of drug addicts, as well as purely destructive people and prejudices of society towards former addicts.

The mission of the founders of the organization is to provide former addicts with normal working and living conditions, successful social reintegration, and develop social enterprises and partnerships.



  1. digital printing
  2. laser engraving and cutting, i.e. making business gifts, souvenirs, gifts and various communication labels
  3. carpentry
  4. maintenance of green areas and canals
  5. transport services (goods and persons)
  6. Household removals services.


The workshop for digital printing and production of business gifts, souvenirs, gifts and various communication signs is located in Osijek.

Social cooperative for production and services “NEOS”
Europska avenija 8/I

31000 Osijek

Tel./fax. +385 31 271 471
Mob. +385 99 44 68 201